After writing a good deal about my part in this process in this creation,

I find a paradox:

I am not broken – I am a ripple, one of many

Even though I am broken, the shards I have expanded into are perfect

And puzzling…reflective

Luckily I have time! Even though it does not really exist

If I look away, it does it by itself

And fortunately I can be unfocused, but that is not the only way

I don’t look like you, yet …the picture I have made of you seems to be of me

Or is it the other way around? could it be i love you?

It can be all very personal for me that’s why the show is for you.

A Gift.

These ‘things’ struggled to come into being,

Some were purged, others emerged just mysterious to me

One was superficial and laughs at me,

One is Is it looking at you?

taking a lot longer then it said it would

I run away to all quarters.

My head pounds as I am caught in the terror of the situation

….a bright idea, a momentary multi-glance

I am waving to this moment waiting to catch your eye,

To lick your beauty, to purr in your golden love.

Springtime comes late.

To Rome or to roam

I spy with my all-seeing eye, the eye of oblivion.

It is looking at Me